​Do you teach your children about health?


​Even though health is your most important asset, you probably know more about your car or computer than your body, it’s sad.
You only get one body, you should know how it works, unfortunately we just don’t get taught.
Most people think health is down to diet, genes or pure luck. It’s not!
Your body is self-regulating maintaining homoeostasis (chemical balance) all of it without conscious thought, how?
Did you know that your brain controls your body, through the nerves?
Signals don’t just travel from the brain to the body, many more come from the body into the brain.
Those signals can be compromised where they are most delicate as they enter the spine.
Spinal damage, often painless when it starts, affects these nerves. That can create weakness, pain, pins and needles, sensory changes. Most importantly it can affect your body’s ability to regulate (homoeostasis) and repair.